Order statuses explained

All subscription and orders in your Scan2CAD account will have a ‘status’ assigned to them. 

Here’s a guide to the various subscription and order statuses.

Subscription statuses


The subscription is active. Most subscriptions will continue to stay active and automatically renew until you choose to change your subscription.


A subscription may become on-hold if your renewal payment fails. When your subscription is on-hold you will not have access to the benefits of a subscription. You will not have access to the software or support. 

To reactivate your subscription:

  1. log into your Scan2CAD account
  2. Click ‘Orders’
  3. You will have an order which is ‘Payment payment’ or ‘Failed’. Click the ‘Pay’ link on this order and complete payment to reactivate your subscription.

Note: It’s likely that your previous renewal orders failed because your card details need updating. Therefore you should check that you are using the correct card details when completing payment.


You have cancelled your subscription and the end of the pre-paid period of the subscription has not yet been reached. When you reach the end of your pre-paid period, the subscription status will automatically update to ‘cancelled’.


You have cancelled your subscription and you no longer have access to the Scan2CAD software or any of the associated benefits.

Order statuses

Pending payment

You have started an order and not completed payment or your subscription renewal payment has failed.


The order has been paid and requires no further action.


Your order is awaiting payment.


Your order has been cancelled.


Your order has been refunded. Please allow up to 10 business days for refunds to reach your bank account.