Sending Log Files for Troubleshooting

When sending a message to support through the Scan2CAD application you have the option of attaching your log file to your message. 

How to send your log file to Scan2CAD

Step 1: In the free trial welcome screen click the text link labelled ‘Need help? Contact us

Step 2: Complete the contact form and ensure that you keep the option enabled ‘Attach my log file to my message‘ and click ‘Send‘.

Step 3: That’s it! The log file will be automatically generated and attached to your message. We will respond as soon as possible.

What information is contained in the log file?

The following information might be included in your log file:

  • Paths of files that have been loaded into the application
  • Some general information about the system upon which you are running Scan2CAD
  • Scan2CAD’s license user identifier. 

Note: Log files are encrypted when they are sent to our server.

Why would I choose to send the log file?

The log file is intended to help us quickly troubleshoot issues related to your installation. If you’re experiencing a problem with the software it may be beneficial to choose to send us the log file with your message.

My attempt to send a log file failed

If your office network is blocking connections or if you do not have internet connection you may not be able to automatically send your log file.

In which case you can save your log file and email it to Scan2CAD support.