Automate Scan2CAD

Scan2CAD’s Automation feature (available on the Scan2CAD Business package) allows users to control almost any feature of the software using a simple API.

Scan2CAD Automation gives users the ability to run processes on thousands of files in a few clicks (batch conversion) or integrate Scan2CAD’s technology with their solution. The possibilities are endless.

How to run Automation

Automating Scan2CAD couldn’t be easier. Follow these three steps:

  1. Create a script file. This file must have the extension .s2c 
  2. Add the required processes to the script. See the documentation for a full list of commands.
  3. Execute the Scan2CAD application and the script. This can be done using a single-line command.

Example execution command:

Windows (via Command Prompt)

  C:\Program Files\Scan2CAD.exe C:\Users\user\Desktop\script.s2c

MacOS (via Terminal)

/Applications/ /Users/username/Desktop/script.s2c



If your scripts are not executing as expected, here are some tips for troubleshooting:

  • Python is case sensitive therefore, please ensure you are using the appropriate case when defining a command. For example, if you are converting a file named example.png you should ensure that you define the input as png and not PNG.

Scan2CAD Python API

→ View the full Python API documentation