Setting Access Privileges For The Scan2CAD Directory

This article relates to Scan2CAD v9

When you install Scan2CAD you should have read and write privileges automatically applied to the Scan2CAD directory.

Sometimes, for one of many possible reasons, this will not happen. Scan2CAD will not properly run if these privileges are not set.

Follow the below process to resolve:

  1. Navigate to the Scan2CAD directory (C > Program Files > Scan2CADv8)
  2. Right click the folder and select ‘properties’.
  3. From the folder properties window you should see options to change the access privileges for the folder. It differs from each version of Windows on how it is shown. (It maybe under the ‘security’ Tab.
  4. Set full read and write privileges for the Windows user you are running as
  5. Launch Scan2CAD. If your issue is resolved, you are all done! If your issue is not resolved please go to step 6.
  6.  Navigate to the Scan2CAD application icon on your desktop. Right click the icon and select ‘run as administrator.’ This will launch Scan2CAD, if this resolves your problem it proves that you still do not have full read and write privileges for the Scan2CAD directory. Please seek advice from your IT administrator for how to set full privileges.