‘Could not create pastebuffer memory’ – Error Message

This article relates to Scan2CAD v9

If you see an error message stating ‘could not create pastebuffer memory’ when loading a PDF file, this means Scan2CAD was not able to allocate the required resources on your PC because your PC does not have sufficient available resources (i.e. RAM)

Solution 1: Reduce the raster max DPI limit

The error could have been produced by an image with a high DPI value in the PDF file resulting in an inability of obtain enough memory for the Paste buffer.

Try reducing the raster DPI limit using the following options.

  1. File Menu > PDF > Import Options.. — Raster Max DPI limit (reduce from default 600 to 300 or lower)
  2. Try loading the PDF file again.

Solution 2: Quit all unnecessary applications

You could be using significant resources if you have multiple applications open. Where possible, try quitting any unnecessary applications and try loading in the PDF again.