Invalid DXF/DWG File in AutoCAD

When converting a file to DXF or DWG in Scan2CAD, the software will create a valid file which can be opened in almost any CAD/CAM software.

The common cause of the invalid file AutoCAD warning

When opening a file created by Scan2CAD in AutoCAD, if you see an ‘invalid file’ error, the most likely cause is that you have created a file version which is too new for the version of AutoCAD you are using.

For example, if you saved a file as ‘DWG 2018’ in Scan2CAD, this file probably won’t open in AutoCAD 2013.


The solution is to ensure you save to the correct vector file version that you require. If you’re unsure which version you require, the most cross-compatible file version created by Scan2CAD is ‘DXF R14 & later’ this vector file version should open in almost any AutoCAD version.