Scan2CAD + Security

For over 20 years, Scan2CAD has been the world’s leading CAD conversion solution.

The security of our customers’ data is of great importance to us. Scan2CAD is designed to ensure that your files are never shared with Scan2CAD or any other third party.

Scan2CAD is not a web or cloud service. It is native software, which you download and install on your PC or Mac. 

The files that you convert are only stored on your computer and never sent to a web-server for conversion. This allows you to guarantee compliance with any internal security protocols and data protection policies.

The Scan2CAD macOS and Windows applications are certified for the respective operating systems. Scan2CAD for Windows is certified by security authority, Comodo. Scan2CAD for macOS is certified by Apple’s Notarization.

Scan2CAD offers an ‘Offline Licensing’ method for companies with strict security procedures who cannot connect to the internet. The ‘Offline Licensing’ (available in the Scan2CAD Business tier) allows users to activate their software license without connections to the Scan2CAD licensing server.

Companies with strict security procedures commonly have strict procurement requirements. Scan2CAD can be purchased directly or via the common procurement companies such as SHI, Insight, QBS, Zones, and many more.

Scan2CAD is trusted by the world’s leading design and engineering companies including; Intel, Boeing, Nasa, Microsoft, Toyota, GlaxoSmithKline, AECOM as well as the leading security-sensitive defense companies.