Upgrading to Unlock Features

Scan2CAD is available in three tiers, Lite, Pro and Business. You can compare the features of these tiers here

If you have seen a message telling you that a feature is not available in your tier, you would need to upgrade to a higher tier to use this feature.

How to upgrade

The easiest way to upgrade is to login to your Scan2CAD account and select Subscriptions on the left hand side.

Select the subscription you'd like to upgrade and you will then see the Upgrade option at the top (see screenshot below). Click on Upgrade to go through the upgrade process. You can change your license type at the same time if you want to.

You will only be charged the price difference between the plans (calculated based on the number of days remaining in your subscription) and your subscription renewal date will not change.

You can still cancel your subscription at any time from within your Scan2CAD account.

Note that you can't change the number of licenses or downgrade using this process. Please contact us if have any issues.