Installer stops at Visual C++ Redistributable

Some users may experience the Scan2CAD Windows installer pausing at the point of installing the ‘Visual C++ Redistributable’

The installer will appear to hang as shown below:

This can happen if Scan2CAD experiences an issue for installing the redistributable.

Your PC may already have this redistributable installed. Therefore to resolve you can cancel the install process and start the installer again.

This time, uncheck the option labelled ‘Install Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015’ and click ‘Next’ to continue with installation.

Your installation should complete without any issues.

Please note: It is possible that your PC does not have the required redistributable installed. In this case you may see errors after installing regarding missing .DLLs. In this case you should manually download and install the Visual Studio 2015 redistributable from Microsoft. 

Download link:

After installing the redistributable you can successfully re-install Scan2CAD ensuring the ‘Install Visual C++ Redistributable…’ option is unchecked.