Connecting Through a Proxy Server

By default, Scan2CAD requires an internet connection to activate the software, unless you are using an Offline License which is available on the Scan2CAD Business tier.

Some companies connect to the internet via a proxy server. In most cases, Scan2CAD will automatically obtain the proxy server connection details and activate without interruption. 

However, in some circumstances, Scan2CAD may not be able to obtain your proxy server connection details. In this situation, Scan2CAD will ask the user to enter the proxy server credentials.

How to change your proxy settings

If you are on the free trial welcome screen you can click the ‘Connection Settings’ link in the lower right corner. 

If you are in the main software interface you can click Help > Connection Settings.

Scan2CAD’s proxy settings on macOS

Useful information

  • Your proxy login details are not the same as your Windows user login details. If you do not know your proxy server credentials, please ask your Network Administrator.
  • You should ensure that HTTPS connections to are whitelisted (if your network requires such connection rules).
  • The server ‘listens’ on port 443.
  • PAC files are not supported in the Address field. You should manually enter all details. More details on why PAC files are not supported here