Setting access privileges for Scan2CAD directories

This article specifically relates to users running on Windows operating Systems because macOS does not typically demonstrate any issues relating to access privileges.

All applications running on your Windows computer will need to write to some location (files or directory) in order to correctly operate.

If you are experiencing an unknown error with the Windows software, it could be related to the lack of required access privileges.

You can check whether an issue is related to access privileges by running the software as Windows Administrator. 

If the software successfully runs as Administrator but doesn't run successfully as the Windows end-user then it is almost-certainly related to the fact that your Administrator has not set the required access privileges to the required directories.

All intended Windows users should have read and write access to the following directories

  • %TEMP%/*
  • %APPDATA%/s2csettings.s1
  • %APPDATA%/s2csettings.s2
  • %APPDATA%/s2csettings.s3
  • %APPDATA%/s2csettings.s4
  • %APPDATA%/Scan2CAD*