Running Scan2CAD as a Service

The Scan2CAD Network license (available on the Scan2CAD Business tier) allows you to run the License Manager as a daemonised service.

This is supported on Windows Operating Systems.

This feature works by auto initialising the Scan2CAD License Manager as a background process on your operating system. It will not create a 'Windows Service' in the service list. Therefore you should be aware that the service will not be available if you log out of the License Manager PC.

How to run Scan2CAD as a service

  1. Follow instructions for installing the Network License.
  2. After activating the app in License Manager mode, you will see the License Manager app gives you an option to 'Install Service'. 

How to disable the Scan2CAD service

You can disable the Scan2CAD service by passing  --uninstall-service as the first argument to the executable. For example:

"C:\Program Files\Scan2CAD\Scan2CAD.exe" --uninstall-service

After disabling Scan2CAD as a service, you can launch the app again to view the GUI of the License Manager.