OCR text at any angle

Apr 8, 2019

This update includes further improvements to Scan2CAD’s OCR capabilities. Previously, OCR was supported for horizontal and vertical text in your images. You can now convert text at any angle.

Many more improvements are in version 10.1.1, let’s have a look at the list:


  • New: Choose whether to combine vectorization results with existing vectors in the canvas.
  • New: Support for OCR on text at non-vertical/horizontal rotations.
  • New: Option to exclude intersecting lines for OCR.


  • The ‘Convert Image’ dialog settings will are saved in for future sessions.


  • Fixed styling of the page number field in the PDF Import dialog.
  • Technical vectorization with color mode enabled now produces correct results.
  • Fixed crashing which could happen with vectorization+ocr with color mode enabled.
  • Fixed the colors assigned for beziers with outline and technical vectorization modes.