Improved Raster Effects Experience & More

Oct 23, 2018

Version 10.0.11 features an improved user experience when using Raster Effects plus improvements and fixes to the processing of images in PDF files and more.

Here’s the full list of changes in 10.0.11


  • None in this release


  • Improved processing of the PDF files with CCITTFax images
  • Improvements to how images in PDF files are assembled.
  • Improved the usability of Raster Effects by disabling ‘Clean Image’ Raster Effects when the image is not monochrome. We also disabled the ‘Reduce Colors’ Raster Effects when the image is monochrome.


  • Fixed on offset of text positioning in exported PDFs.
  • Fixed the processing of PDF files with color image masks.
  • Corrected the preset values for the Mechanical vectorization preset.
  • Fixed a bug in which it was not possible to open a file with an extension in uppercase via drag and drop into canvas.