PDF improvements & additional proxy network support

Sep 3, 2018

Version 10.0.7 features a number of improvements and fixes for PDF images, text positioning, Raster Effects and more.

This version also includes additional support for users who connect to the internet using a proxy network. You can now enter your proxy connection details when required.

Here’s the full list of changes in 10.0.7


  • New: Support for proxy authentication


  • Improved support for huge raster images on Windows
  • Added support for DXF files with missing $EXTMIN and/or $EXTMAX entities
  • Improved support for PDF images with binary masks
  • Improved the logic for the 3D vector file warning
  • Improved support for a range of vector PDF files


  • Fixed an issue with the Smooth Raster Effect failing with some images.
  • Fixed an issue where all polybezier vectors exported with AutoCAD palette were black
  • Fixed the cumulative offset of the text coordinates during export/import of the PDF files