Drag & drop files into Scan2CAD & PDF improvements

Aug 15, 2018

Version 10.0.6 makes it easier than ever to open your files. You can now drag and drop your files into the Scan2CAD canvas. 

If you’re on Windows you can use the ‘Open With’ file option to launch Scan2CAD and open a file.

This release also includes a fix to address a problem with PDF files in which Scan2CAD was not correctly negating images within the PDF files.

Here’s the full list of changes in 10.0.6


  • It is now possible to drop files into the canvas.
  • Users on Windows can use the ‘Open With’ option to launch Scan2CAD and open the file.


  • We’ve improved how Scan2CAD negates images within PDF files.
  • It is now optional to install the VS2015 Redistributable during installation on Windows.


  • None in this release.