New CNC Smoothing tool and Lines + Arcs Vectorization

May 25, 2020

10.3.0 (named Cantor) includes significant improvements many of which are focussed on CNC requirements.

Cantor features a new CNC Smoothing tool for reducing the number of vector nodes and a new ‘lines and ‘arcs’ output for vectorization.  

Here is the full list of changes in 10.3.0:


  • New: Grabcut feature for extracting objects from photographs.
  • New: CNC Smoothing tool for reducing vector nodes.
  • Scan2CAD now displays the information of the vector you select with the cursor tool.
  • New: Lines & Arcs output option for Outline Vectorization which is ideal for CNC purposes.


  • We have renamed the vector optimization dialog to ‘Convert Vector Image’ and improved the UX.


  • Fixed crash occurring on macOS during activation of Network licenses.
  • Fixed minor bugs related to the ‘Convert Vector Image’ tool.
  • Fixed a rare bug that can occur when drawing a vector arrow line.