Japanese & German language OCR and support for special characters

12 November 2019

Version 10.2 (named Lovelace) is a significant update. There are a large number of improvements and fixes in this version.

10.2 also sees the introduction of 2 highly requested features: support for text using ‘special characters’ and Japanese & German language OCR support.

The list of changes in 10.2 are very large, so here’s a brief overview of the improvements.


  • New: Support for UTF-8 text. Including importing, exporting and OCR files with special characters.
  • New language support for OCR, including Japanese and German.


  • Multiple improvements to importing raster and vector PDF files.
  • Multiple user interface enhancements focussed on improving the overall usability of the software.
  • Experience much faster image loading speeds on Windows.
  • The processing speed of Clean Image tools (Raster Effects) are significantly improved.


  • Multiple fixes related to application stability.